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Why do you need a business mindset coach?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

What are you reflecting?

Your business is a direct reflection of your mind and more importantly your mindset. The way you think and feel about your business is how your business is performing.

For a business to be successful you must feel it and believe it is.

Here are 8 reasons why I can help coach you and your mindset become sharp, focused and achieve success in your business.

1. Accountability - keeping the dream alive

You will face many challenges in business; procrastination, self doubt, lack of motivation and unrealistic expectations.

When you are faced with these challenges your mindset will automatically revert back to what feels safe and secure. It will stay with what it knows and thinks to be true based upon a mindset of fear and lack. Making it easy to give up.

Reason 1: Keep your goals moving forward.

2. Who’s listening? - someone to understand what you're going through

Business can be a lonely place, especially in today's fast paced world. It is difficult to find someone experienced who will listen and understand what you're going through.

The people around you are often too busy, too attached or have their own issues to deal with. Whilst having someone who will listen and provide a safe space is essential.

Someone with no attachments, no preconceived views or judgements, it allows for the negative self-talk to be released leaving a positive mind set.

Reason 2: You need a safe space to release the negativity.

3. Personal growth - It's about growing

Business is about personal growth, yet it need not be taken personally.

It can be easy to fall into an even greater negative mindset when you feel challenged or confronted, when things happen that appear to be going wrong.

These moments are forks in the road, and you have the option to take the road of growth and expansion or the one of constriction and negativity. It is crucial that these moments are seen and acted upon correctly as every moment builds upon the mindset.

Reason 3: Keep you growing and expanding in the right direction.

4. Coaching - is therapy

Therapy is about healing your past and business is all about the past.

Your current mindset has come from your past and is responsible for today. It acts like a heavy load on your business, it not only weighs you down but puts strain on your business. When you stop dragging your past, you give your business the greatest opportunity to move forward.

With my coaching this is where tremendous growth happens in both your business and your personal life.

Reason 4: Move freely without the excess

5. Mindset - frameworks to keep you on track

When you begin to recognise the power you have within your mind you will want to exercise it daily in the most beneficial way.

Sometimes the mind will instantly change, other times it will be gradual.

By completing simple but highly effective tools you can create an ongoing and expansive mindset reinforcing it slowly and gradually allowing you to handle and resolve stressful situations everyday.

Reason 5: Keep your mind set where it needs to be.

6. Perspective - changing your position

Strictly speaking a mindset is seeing something from a particular side, neither right nor wrong but one side. This way of seeing will often provide an undesired outcome. It is similar to thinking and believing a coin has only one side or there's only one way to do something.

When you see something from both sides, you complete the picture. With a complete picture you can make the best discussion.

Reason 6: See and experience the complete picture.

7. Experience - it can save you a lifetime

Business problems are the same everywhere you go. You face them today, someone else did yesterday and more will face them tomorrow. Everyone in their own way is on the same journey facing the same problem, only they appear in different forms.

With my experience I can share them with you, before they escalate. The reality is you need to experience problems in order to grow and create the business you desire, however, you do not want to hold onto them for years.

Reason 7: Avoid holding onto problems unnecessary.

8. Repetition - it goes around and around

If you stop and take a close look at your business, you will notice many situations repeating themselves. They may appear in different forms through various people and events but nevertheless are the same situation cyclically unfolding themselves.

These small cycles form part of larger cycles and then they repeat. These cycles can be beneficial if used correctly and detrimental if used incorrectly.

Reason 8: Transform your negative cycles.

Investing in a mindset business coach is not for everybody, however if you are wanting to grow your business and excel in your personal life it will be the most rewarding decision you can make, it will save you time, money, energy and avoid years of frustration and confusion.

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