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Solve your problems zen style.

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

The difference between a zen monk and a businessman lies in their primary focus and approach to life. A zen monk's existence is centered around a spiritual quest for enlightenment and self-realisation. They often lead a simple and secluded life, seeking inner peace through meditation, self-discipline, and introspection, aiming to transcend fears and attachments in their minds.

In contrast, a businessman's main objective revolves around running a profitable business, earning money, and improving their material life. They engage with the external world, making strategic decisions, managing resources, and navigating challenges to achieve financial success and prosperity.

Despite their seemingly divergent paths, both the zen monk and the businessman undergo personal growth and face fears daily. Both seek to overcome obstacles in their pursuit of their respective goals.

One key difference is in how they deal with fear. A zen monk confronts and transcends fears internally through mental training and self-awareness. They strive to attain a state of fearlessness and inner peace, unencumbered by the anxieties that stem from the material world.

On the other hand, the businessman encounters fears in the physical, material realm. Their concerns often revolve around financial risks, competition, and other practical challenges inherent in running a business.

However, the ultimate realisation is that these paths need not be mutually exclusive; they can be harmoniously integrated. This integration involves seeing and experiencing fear within oneself and then allowing these experiences to manifest in the material world. By facing fears internally, one can navigate the external challenges with greater clarity and resilience.

In the pursuit of this integration, one experiences fears physically in the material world but does so without being controlled by them. By transcending internal fears, one can act decisively and confidently, knowing that fear no longer holds power over their choices.

As this union of inner growth and external actions occurs, the journey becomes a seamless flow, where efforts are effortless, and one becomes attuned to the universal flow of existence. The fears that once hindered progress become stepping stones towards personal and professional growth.

In essence, the ultimate goal is to become free from fear's limitations, as it unlocks the full potential of both the zen monk's spiritual quest and the businessman's pursuit of success. In this unified state, the boundaries between the spiritual and material aspects of life blur, and a sense of purpose, contentment, and fulfilment permeates every facet of existence.

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