The body and mind form the person,

the person lives, plays and experiences life.

For life to be truly experienced,

the person needs to fully emerged into the duality of life.

The highs and lows,

the pleasures and pains,

the joys and sorrows.

This is the play of life

and is required for a period of time,


If you have reached the point where you have become exhausted from playing this game.

There is another way........


Don Vinciguerra Kinesiology, Lifecoaching Perth


My name is Don Vinciguerra.

Since I can remember I always had a desire to travel within.

Regardless of what was happening, I would experience what I

thought was another reality.

It wasn't till later that I joined the two together and discovered my inner thoughts and feelings were also my outer reality.

As this recognition grew, life began to make sense.

I could see what was happening within was unfolding itself into life.


What I thought was a drawback turned out to be my gift.

Today I use this gift to guide my clients to live an inspired life.

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Your Dream 

Inspired Career

Loving Relationships

Balanced  Health

Financial Freedom.

Imbalances in life are a direct result of accumulated

stress held and trapped within the body and mind.

When stress is held for long periods of time it leads

to a breakdown of the physical, mental and

emotions bodies.

When removed we become balanced and have the power to manifest life as we please.


Kinesiology is a holistic approach to long lasting health and vitality,

with results that can be felt immediately.

It melds ancient eastern healing art with western physiological healing

sciences to address a wide-range of

physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and spiritual issues.

Business/ Vocation Coaching.

Deep within you know!

You know what you want, you know what you're good at.

You just know,

It's your vacation.

It's what you're called to do and there is no one else that can do what you do.


What's stopping you?

Let's make it happen.

Relationship/ Dynamics Coaching.

Relationships exist everywhere!

Home, work or simply socialising you cannot get

away from them. They are bonds, connecting us together,

allowing feelings and emotions to be expressed.

These bonds are energetically held together through forces

known as relationship dynamics.

Dynamics keep everyone balanced, yet balance does not

always feel comfortable and often contrary to our belief systems.

When you truly understand and live through relationship dynamics

you will find harmony all relationships.

Regardless of what may be happening.



One on One

Kinesiology balances.

Guaranteed to jump start your life and  truly discover a new you.


12 week coaching program specifically tailored to your individual journey, transform unblock subconscious programming that is holding you back from reaching your true potential


Weekly group meditation classes, run at Synchro Wellness in Karrinyup


Tuesday Morning 7AM

Thursday Morning 12PM

Thursday Evenings 6PM

Booking essential


Weekly talks run at

Synkro wellness

in Karrinyup.

Tuesday 9am

Bookings essential.