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Frequently Asked Questions

How I Work

Every client is unique and individual, so what works for one is not always the same for all.

With that said, I generally do seven Kinesiolgy balances to turn your world around.

From here you will have the confidence to keep moving forward

What Should I Expect From My First Balance?

A kinesiology session is broken up into two stages. The first stage is a discussion with regards to your concerns, whilst the second stage is balance , conducted lying (fully clothed) on a (massage) table.

Every balance is unique and individual.  Expect everything with an open mind and open heart, resting assure that you will only ever experience and receive that which you a ready for.

How Will If Feel During And After A Balance?

Each balance is felt differently, body sensations are most common - heat, tingling like feelings are often felt throughout the body mainly to areas of past injury.  These are often blocks of energy unblocking throughout the meridian system. 

You may also feel  calm  and  or agitated,  depending on what is happening for you on the day.

After a balance you may feel full of energy, like a load has been removed , or you may feel extremely tired,  in these cases a good night sleep will get you back on track.

How Should I Dress?

If you have the possibility please to wear something comfortable pants and socks are preferable.

Do You Heal Treat Terminal Or Chronic Illness?

Every illness has an under lying issue from where it has originated.  Often enough when this under lying issue is properly addressed healing happens on some level. Giving you the very best possibility of healing. 

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